I’ve been doing a lot of painting lately, shaking some things up. I recently took the fantastic Messy Mavens E-Course with artist Carissa Paige – Here is the link to her blog   Carissa Paige – Messy Mavens E-course She is a great teacher who shares from a deep well of wisdom, encouraging exploration of our wild self and tapping into the language of our soul. The intuitive nature of the course allows you to really slow down and listen to what may be going on during your art-making process. For me it was some of the self-defeating/ judgmental talk that goes on when creating. Confronting this allowed me the freedom to really unleash my creativity and explore. I had a lot of fun with the course and it definitely helped me get back into my groove and build up some momentum. Thanks to Carissa for sharing her inspiration – I highly recommend this course!

Here are a few of the paintings I made during the class.