Happy New Moon! I started reading this book a couple months back and I’m just about to finish it up. Lisa Olivera offers fascinating insights on the stories we tell ourselves. Our personal narratives can sometimes be detrimental for our growth and keep us stuck in negative mindsets. Many of them are so deep rooted we aren’t fully conscious of them and we must identify these stories first in order to reframe them. “When we go through the journey of understanding and reframing our stories we gift ourselves the possibility of remembering who we truly are,” she explains. Practices for self-acceptance are woven throughout the book and the powerful idea that we are enough, just the way we are right now. One of the great take aways was the idea of acceptance vs. resistance. I was familiar with the buddhist concept, “pain x resistance = suffering” but it was when the author shared the psychologist Carl Roger’s quote that it really hit for me, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” By accepting instead of fighting we can begin focusing that energy towards change, we can change our story. What a possibility!💫