I finally finished up this painting I began back at the end of August. It started as a quick sketch but once I started painting it no matter how much I tried replicating the spirit of the drawing I couldn’t get it right. It really frustrated me during my struggle to “will” it into existence. Is she wearing a crown? Wizard’s hat or a dunce cap? The joke was on me. I gave up and left this painting sitting in my studio for close to a year until just the other day.

As I looked at this paining over the past month it seemed like it wasn’t as far off as I had initially thought. I guess when I started the painting before, I wanted it to be something that it really wasn’t ready to be at the time.

The other day I started adding in some dark areas to the painting. Before that it was more of a light colored tropical portrait that never was. I’ve experienced so much since it’s first stages of creation and I see glimpses of that person who started the painting but it feels different now. I feel different now.

This is a painting of the fool embarking on a journey, soon to be shrouded in darkness. Not knowing what will come next or what the lesson will be. The carefree yet cowardice of the fool, getting caught up in the details instead of stepping back and getting a glimpse of the bigger picture.