A couple of friends and I went to check out a music event in Orlando a few weeks ago. Circuit Church is a record label that throws live outdoor shows monthly at The Nook on Robinson. Local musicians perform all varieties of electronic music. Most notable from this last show was the music of Birdlady.

Seeing this music during a sunny evening outdoors is something expected considering the noise and experimental nature of this genre. The mood and atmosphere it created was a surprisingly calming one. I totally zoned-out during Birdlady’s set as I watched the wind whip through the overhanging trees above. It was a seemingly suited soundtrack for a galactic collision or the merging of supermassive black holes, any sort of cataclysmic planetary event caught in slow-motion. This was it, this was the soundtrack.

Take a listen to Birdlady using the link below.


This must be the place..

The Nook itself is such a cool bar/hangout spot that I’m kinda sad I didn’t discover it until so recently. The owners are super friendly and welcoming, not only do they support local artists and musicians by providing a space for them to share their art but they host a ton of events during the year as well as reoccurring movie and vinyl nights. It’s not everyday you find a place like The Nook that really fosters creativity within the community. I can’t wait to spend more time in this place💜

Check out The Nook:


Circuit Church: